Yes On National Popular Vote is a non-partisan, Michigan based ballot question committee. We are a group of Democrats, Republicans and Independents who believe the principle of one person, one vote should govern presidential elections and that Michigan should do its part to move our country towards a National Popular Vote for President. We are pursuing a citizen-initiated petition because our elected politicians have failed to act in the Legislature. We believe voters, not politicians should determine if we elect the president by national popular vote. Please join our campaign and request your petition today.

Yes on National Popular Vote
PO Box 2943
Southfield, MI 48037
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Mark Brewer

Mark Brewer is the former chair of the Michigan Democratic Party and a past chair of the Association of State Democratic Chairs.

Saul Anuzis

Saul Anuzis is former chairman of the Michigan Republican Party and was a candidate for Chairman of the Republican National Committee.